Shower Surrounds

One of the best places to unwind from a long day is in your shower. In fact, bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in the home. This is why its so important to us to keep our bathroom beautiful, comfortable and easily accessible. This is where Luxury Bath by Bath Ready comes in and  provides a wide variety of shower types and options with 10 different colors and 8 different tile designs.  There are many creative possibilities with accessories to customize your shower surrounds to enable your shower experience to be perfect. There are endless creative possibilities to your brand new Bathroom!


New impression surrounds

Combining the look of real Italian brick tiles with the durability and clean-ability of maintenance free acrylic you get the beautiful look of Luxury Bath by Bath Ready’s Impression series. These new wall panels feature 3-Dimensional engraved lines along with new contemporary patterns for a more upscale appearance in the bath enclosure. The Impressions series is available in all of Luxury Bath’s colors creating an infinite number of unique and personalized design options.

Shower Walls

Our shower walls are made to last no matter which style you decide to install. All of Luxury bath by Bath Ready’s products are made with highly-durable, multi-layer acrylic that is guaranteed not to bend, warp, crack or separate. What does this mean for you!? Years down the line your bathroom will look just as beautiful as the day it was installed! Additionally all of our products including shower walls are infused with a special product that wards off mold and mildew and is installed using Luxbond which is a sealant that turns rock solid once cured.  With these products it will make your shower surrounds cleaner, more durable and affordable!


why bath ready?

Personalized To Your Liking!

Personalized To Your Liking!

We take exact measurements of your current bathroom so the renovated products fit precisely over your existing fixtures and fittings.

Install complete in 1 Day!

Install complete in 1 Day!

After we get measurements and the products are built by Luxury bath, the completed install of your brand new bathroom is finished in only 1 day!

AntiMicrobial Protection

AntiMicrobial Protection

This beautiful, glossy and heavy duty acrylic is simple to clean with just a spray cleaner and damp cloth!

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