Shower Enclosures Look no further for the most beautiful shower enclosures in the market! For our shower enclosure, we have more than 85 patterns, color and texture combinations.¬†Barrier free showers, or “roll-in showers” are perfect if the user has any physical limitations getting in and out of the shower; they also create a seamless, streamlined look for your bathroom. Neo angle showers work great for smaller bathrooms that don’t have as much space to work with. No matter the size of your bathroom and physical limitations you may have, Luxury Bath by Bath ready has the perfect shower enclosure for your new, custom and unique bathroom.


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You can rest easy knowing that your new shower enclosure will be beautiful and durable but even more important your new shower will be cleaner, healthier and lower maintenance than ever before. All of our bathroom products are made with high quality multi-layer acrylic sealed with LuxBond which once cured creates a rock solid bond. We at Luxury Bath by Bath Ready guarantee your new bathroom will not warp, crack, bend or deteriorate for the lifespan of the products!

Here at Luxury Bath by Bath Ready we will work diligently to create the perfect bathroom for your unique home. Call us today to get more information about our new bathtubs, services and range of other affordable, long-lasting products like our shower enclosures. Schedule a free in home consultation today by calling in or filling out our quick online form to reserve your appointment today!


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Personalized To Your Liking!

Personalized To Your Liking!

We take exact measurements of your current bathroom so the renovated products fit precisely over your existing fixtures and fittings.

Install complete in 1 Day!

Install complete in 1 Day!

After we get measurements and the products are built by Luxury bath, the completed install of your brand new bathroom is finished in only 1 day!

AntiMicrobial Protection

AntiMicrobial Protection

This beautiful, glossy and heavy duty acrylic is simple to clean with just a spray cleaner and damp cloth!

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