Tub Liners

bathtub-liners A custom-fitted acrylic tub liner is a new bathtub created from a sheet of highly-durable, ABS-backed acrylic that is meant to be installed right over your existing pressed steel or cast iron bathtub. Luxury Bath has collected the largest number of tub molds in North America, representing over 1,500 tub styles for a perfect fit every time.


Luxury bath utilizes a state of the art software to accurately identify bathtub styles with a success rate of 99.8%.  Once we identify your tub accurately Luxury bath will then custom build an exact replica of your tub in 1/4” DR acrylic. At this point the tub is then prepared to fit your current bathroom walls and installed over the tub that is currently sitting in your bathroom. This completely eliminates the costs of demolishing the bathroom which would come with a normal tear down and rebuild. The benefit of using these methods is the installation process can be completed in only one day, with no mess and is a fraction of the cost of a conventional tear down.


Our custom fitted acrylic bathtubs are sealed with Lux-Bond which is a bonding agent that gets rock hard and is used to seal the tub. Lux-Bond is exclusive to Luxury Bath and is guaranteed for a life time not to chip, crack, dent or break under everyday normal use.

If you are interested in learning more about our tub liners feel free to call Luxury bath by bath ready today and schedule your free in home consultation with one of our luxury bath experts.


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Personalized To Your Liking!

Personalized To Your Liking!

We take exact measurements of your current bathroom so the renovated products fit precisely over your existing fixtures and fittings.

Install complete in 1 Day!

Install complete in 1 Day!

After we get measurements and the products are built by Luxury bath, the completed install of your brand new bathroom is finished in only 1 day!

AntiMicrobial Protection

AntiMicrobial Protection

This beautiful, glossy and heavy duty acrylic is simple to clean with just a spray cleaner and damp cloth!

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