Shower to Tub Conversion

Bathtub Shower Combo When time permits, you can enjoy soaking in a brand new tub having the luxury of relaxing and eliminating stress.   Call us at Luxury Bath by Bath Ready so that we can show you how easy it is for us to convert your shower to a bath system !  Once installed,  maintenance and cleaning are easy. Microbes, mold and mildew are stopped because we use special technology which protects against any build-up of undesirable contaminants.  Be sure to call us at Luxury Bath by Bath Ready so that we can schedule an in-home design services appointment to help you design your conversion.


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Before & After Remodel

Luxury Bath's top-notch products and unbeatable service can make a dramatic difference for even the most outdated or damaged bathrooms. See the transformations for yourself in our "before and after" photos.


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Personalized To Your Liking!

Personalized To Your Liking!

We take exact measurements of your current bathroom so the renovated products fit precisely over your existing fixtures and fittings.

Install complete in 1 Day!

Install complete in 1 Day!

After we get measurements and the products are built by Luxury bath, the completed install of your brand new bathroom is finished in only 1 day!

AntiMicrobial Protection

AntiMicrobial Protection

This beautiful, glossy and heavy duty acrylic is simple to clean with just a spray cleaner and damp cloth!

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